Design elements taken to a new level!

Etched Equitone panes at Steenberg’s Yard:

The Ouseburn has had a long history of design, making and creativity so there’s never been a shortage of inspiration for PfP igloo and their design teams when creating distinctive, unique homes in this part of the city. At the Malings, the rich history of pottery associated with the site inspired the new streets names, with Peony, Rosalind, Kingfisher and Luxor all referencing the bright glazes used in Maling pottery’s trend-setting collections.

At Steenberg’s yard our team’s love of the Ouseburn and its colours, patterns, textures and heritage has found its way into every detail, including the bespoke doorway features currently being produced just a few hundred yards up the road. This super-local creative collaboration between xsite architecture and designers Raskl will bring a distinctive Ouseburn-inspired touch to Ouse Street.

Here’s a sneak peek of the test panels being made in Raskl’s workshop on Lime Street.  A series of different designs and patterns are being etched by laser cutter into Equitone, which is a super-strong fibre cement panel reminiscent of stone. They are a contemporary nod to all the little details, quirks and pieces of history that we love, which surround us in the valley and we are super-excited to see the full-sized panels in place when they are installed later in the summer.