Our Neighbours

Ouseburn has long been a place of work and the diverse range of occupations to be found is extraordinary.

Artists, potters, digital & marketing agencies, coffee roasters and boat repairers work side by side micro-breweries, gyms, recording studios, a city farm, car repair shops, stables, printers and even a scrapyard.

Add to this the friendly staff at legendary pubs, award winning places to eat, a boutique hotel and visitor attractions and all will welcome you as their neighbours.

Below are a few of our favourite local businesses.

Ouseburn Farm

The farm is a registered charity and provides a vibrant green space at the very heart of the Valley where everyone is welcome. The working farmyard, gardens and visitor centre attract 30,000 people every year.


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Preserving & Promoting

The Ouseburn Trust is an independent charity, committed to working with others to achieve a vibrant, diverse and sustainable future for the Ouseburn Valley.

They are committed to preserving, remembering and respecting the area’s rich history and are responsible for managing the Victoria Tunnel, making it accessible to the public.

They work by seeking to develop stronger relationships with local residents, businesses, cultural activities and events and other visitor attractions in the Valley and perform a coordinating role to provide a coherent voice for Ouseburn and its community.


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